About the Brazilian Waxing Procedure

The Brazilian waxing procedure is easy, albeit a little painful. The first thing to do is make a waxing appointment with a Brazilian waxer. One thing to note when making your waxing appointment is that your skin is more sensitive a few days before and after your period, so that needs to be kept in mind when making a waxing appointment. Also, it is important that the hair be at least ¼ inch long, so that the Brazilian waxer won’t have a difficult time pulling it out.

The next step in the Brazilian waxing procedure is to relax. Easier said than done when getting a Brazilian wax, but relaxing will make it hurt less. If you are nervous about the pain, take a Tylenol 45 minutes before your Brazilian waxing procedure is about to begin, so the pain will be less.

When it’s time for your waxing appointment, you will enter a private room and remove your clothes; then the Brazilian waxer will explain the Brazilian waxing procedure and ask about anything specific you may want done. Be sure to tell them exactly how much hair you want off because a Brazilian waxing procedure is customizable to your specifications.

After discussing the Brazilian waxing procedure with the Brazilian waxer, she will apply the wax to the areas of hair you want removed. There are two types of Brazilian waxing techniques available: using soft Brazilian wax, which is removed with a strip of cloth, or using hard Brazilian wax, which doesn’t require a strip. The soft wax and the hard wax will both be removed against the natural growth of your hair.

After the Brazilian waxing procedure is complete, the Brazilian waxer may tweeze any hairs she missed, trim any remaining hair you requested, and spread lotion on the area. The lotion soothes the area and can prevent bumps or ingrown hairs after a Brazilian wax. Pay, tip, and you’re done! After a Brazilian waxing procedure, you should be able to perform the same activities you normally would. If any swelling or redness occurs after a Brazilian waxing procedure, use a hydrocortisone cream.

Brazilian waxing in New York will guarantee you great service. Most Brazilian waxers are licensed professionals who will make you feel comfortable and secure. Brazilian waxing in New York is as painless as possible. Help yourself get beach-ready and make an appointment for a Brazilian waxing in New York.