Different Types of Brazilian Waxing Styles

While most Brazilian waxers will recommend getting a regular bikini wax trying a Brazilian wax, it is not necessary and since the Brazilian bikini wax is so popular, it’s only natural that there are at least a few Brazilian waxing styles to choose from. Brazilian waxing in New York gives you access to all of them; however, your Brazilian waxer should be a licensed technician, so that she is able to perform the procedure with as little pain as possible.

The first option is a regular Brazilian wax, which removes hair around the bikini line, from the front to the back. If desired, a Brazilian waxer can leave a small strip or a triangle of hair. This style, of leaving some hair is recommended for those just starting out with Brazilian waxing in New York or anywhere else. Because they are leaving some hair present if you want, it will be less painless.

If getting a regular Brazilian wax is not your thing, you can go for a full Brazilian wax, which gets rid of all the hair. A full Brazilian wax can also be referred to as a Hollywood wax. Despite the title, the Hollywood wax can also be performed when undergoing Brazilian waxing in New York or anywhere else; it is not a Hollywood specialty.

Brazilian waxing styles are not limited to just what the description says. The great part about a Brazilian wax is that it’s customizable. You are in control of your Brazilian wax and it is important to speak up and ask your Brazilian waxer questions or tell her exactly how much hair you want removed. Brazilian waxing in New York is incredibly client friendly so your Brazilian waxer will understand your requests and try as best she can to honor them.

There are some Brazilian waxing styles that are gaining in popularity. These Brazilian waxing styles include shaping the remaining hair, dying the remaining hair a different color, putting crystals or jewels on the bare skin, or getting a temporary tattoo.  While some of these new Brazilian waxing styles demand that some hair is remaining after your Brazilian wax, the temporary tattoos and the crystals can be applied simply to your bare skin. A Brazilian waxer can use stencils to shape the remaining hair, and purchase special dye that is made for the bikini area.

Depending on your personal preference, your Brazilian waxer can tailor your Brazilian wax to fit your needs and desires. These are just some of the popular types of Brazilian waxing styles.