How to Find a Brazilian Waxer

Finding a Brazilian waxer is one of the most important aspects of Brazilian waxing. You want your Brazilian waxer to be a professional, one who knows what she is doing and won’t leave you stubbly or with raw skin for a week. Any Brazilian waxer performing a Brazilian wax in New York is a licensed technician who will give you the best care possible.

When trying to find a Brazilian waxer, it is important to go off of recommendations. If a Brazilian waxer did a good job on your best friend or coworker and they were happy, then chances are she is a good Brazilian waxer and you should look her up. Recommendations are a great way to find a Brazilian waxer because you have solid authority that she has performed waxes before. It is never a good idea to walk into a salon, hoping to find a Brazilian waxer just by asking for a Brazilian wax, because there is a high possibility you could get someone who has never done a Brazilian wax before—that’s bad news!

Prices are not necessarily the best measure of a good Brazilian waxer, because any skill level waxer can have any level of prices. Additionally, just hearing about the reputation of a salon from someone who has not actually used them is not a good way to find a Brazilian waxer. You definitely want to have a personal recommendation for a salon that offers a great Brazilian wax in New York. That personal recommendation should be for the Brazilian waxer herself, not necessarily just the salon.

A great Brazilian waxer will take her time. You should find a Brazilian waxer who will communicate the process to you, and let you have control over how much hair you want removed. Your Brazilian waxer should also make you feel comfortable and at ease—or as at ease as possible. The credentials of your Brazilian waxer should also be visible and if they are not, that is something to inquire about prior to your Brazilian waxing.