Different Types of Wax

Necessary to the Brazilian waxing process is understanding what types of wax the waxer will use. There are two main types of wax: hard wax and soft wax. Additionally, sugar wax is sometimes used, but that is more recent than soft wax or hard wax.

No matter what different types of wax you may use, though, Brazilian waxing in New York or anywhere else it will hurt. Skin irritation is to be expected no matter what types of wax you use, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Brazilian waxing aftercare is necessary as well, to ensure that your wax job remains smooth. Eventually, after a few Brazilian waxing sessions, your hair will grow in finer, making it easier to remove. Finally, avoid caffeine because that is a nerve stimulant, which will make the pain worse. 

Soft Wax

Most individuals getting a Brazilian waxing in New York are familiar with soft wax. Soft wax is often seen on TV or in movies: it is spread along the body part and then a strip of cloth is placed on it and ripped off against the hair. Soft wax is cheaper than hard wax and quicker for the client, but it also has its disadvantages. It is stickier and messier. Soft wax also can cause skin irritation if it is not taken off in a mindful and comfortable manner.

Hard Wax

Hard wax, on the other hand, is more expensive. The hard wax is smoothed on just like soft wax, left to dry, and then peeled off. It takes longer, but unlike soft wax, hard wax does not interfere with lymphatic flow as it is ripped off the skin. Hard wax dries around the hair, bringing it into the wax, making it easier to peel off with the wax itself. Hard wax also causes less skin irritation than soft wax. Hard wax is preferred by more people for the sensitive areas of their bodies, like bikini lines or underarms, than soft wax as well.


Sugaring is another form of waxing, using sugar wax as opposed to hard wax or soft wax. Sugaring is a process that can be done at home, but it as highly advised to let a waxer do it for you so that you don’t leave the sugar wax on too long or hesitate in pulling it off.  Sugar wax is also removed with a cloth.